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Age Range: 30-35

Ļoti ilgi esmu meklējusi ideālo ķermeņa eļļu. Kur smaržo labi, tur tā ir par taukainu (nespēj uzsūkties), kur atkal labi uzsūcas, aromāts nav veiksmīgs, tāpat ir gadījies atrast patīkamu aromātu, veiksmīgu konsistenci, bet - nekvalitatīvu sastāvu. Ar Habit 6 #oil esmu atradusi savu ideālo eļļu - tā ir perfekta! Izcils sastāvs, kolosāli klājas, burvīga smarža un.... fantastiska cena! #oil #habitsix #skincare #ķermeņaeļļa

Age Range: 20-24

Dry skin? Oily skin? Normal skin? Any skin will do! ♀️I have dry parts and oily parts therefore not that easy to find the perfect skincare solution.. but Habit 6 got me! I adore the mask (usually leaving it overnight) and starting morning with fresh water and cream and... I'm ready to go! 
Age Range: 26-27

This made my skin feel amazing!!!! Just after one use . Couldn’t believe my eyes (& skin :) Definitely a must have for any lady
Age Range: 25-28

Absolutely amazing!!! Always been scared of skincare products due to my sensitive skin. I'm on my 2nd bottle of oil - love this - it’s really easy on the skin of you have sensitive skin and are looking for eco and stress-free skin-care product. It's 100% naturel - the way to go!
Age Range: 35-45

I have normal combinated skin and this product is super great for my skin type! I like perfume of it. I'ts perfect gift to my friends, easy solution for next birthday party. :)
Age Range: 30-35

Simply adore my new Habits! :) I am a huge fan of the 1st Habit - the scrub! Super smooth in texture making the skin feel fantastically relaxed and moisturized. I even use it as face scrub. My 2nd favorite ir Habit Nr. 4 - the facial cream. It makes my skin matt and smooth, no extra perfumes or chemical stuff... Love love love!
Age Range: 50-65

I have normal to dry skin (mostly normal), I tried the futuredew this morning and I loved it. I’m not a big fan of Heavy makeup, I’d like to keep it super simple, so I think glossier is the one for me. I applied this as the first layer after washing my face with the jelly cleanser and that’s another amazing product too. It’s been more than 7 hours and I could still see the glow on my face. Keep up the best work.